Adding an interior divider pocket to Eleanor

First meet Eleanor, if you don’t know by now she’s my fav 🙂


I love my big bags but having to carry  a bunch of crap for my boys can get outta hand. 4

Well, when its pouring down rain and your digging in the bottom of your giant bag for your car keys all the while trying to keep your 3 year old from running into the middle of the street. Catch my drift? I try to be at least a little organized so I decided to add an interior divider pocket to my beloved Eleanor.

Grab the pattern here:

To start you will cut your exterior the way the pattern states but we are going to make some changes to the interior pieces and the way it’s constructed.

We are going to take the Sides/Bottom panel pattern piece and fold in half.IMG_5087

You will now cut 2 mirror images and add 1/2inch seam allowance on the straight side, which will become your middle seam. This is what you should have now.


We are now going to take the main panel pattern piece, make a mark 1.5 inches down from center and fold at the mark.


So in addition to your lining main panel pieces, you will also cut 4 of your lining on the fold for the interior divider pocket. They will look like this now.


Next you will install the pocket zipper. I used an all purpose 18 inch zipper. You will sandwich the zipper between 2 of the pocket pieces right sides together and sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.


Then flip them to be wrong sides together, press and top stitch along the zipper.


Now repeat with the remaining pocket pieces on the other side. This is what it will look like.


Take your pocket, fold at the zipper and machine baste along the curved edge.


Now mark center of the pocket and both side/bottom panel pieces. Sandwich the pocket between the side/bottom pieces. I do them both at the same time but you may find it easier to do each side separately. Sew together with 1/2 inch seam allowance.



Next sew the top diagonal section together to create the points at the top.


Construct your main panel pieces the way the pattern states and your pocket will be in the middle.


Finish the construction of the bag as the pattern states and VOILA!!! You now have an organized Eleanor with an interior divider pocket 🙂



Happy sewing!