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Tutorial: Zip Around Pearl

Hey everyone! Erin of Diedel*Bug Handmade here. I got a crazy idea and decided to make our sweet Swoon Patterns Pearl Wallet Clutch into a zip around wallet! I’ll stop the teasing you now and get on with the tutorial. First things first, you need to swing by and grab your copy of the Pearl Clutch Wallet Clutch… Pattern […]

Photo Tutorial: Brooklyn Handbag

I had a fabulous and busy day sewing along with the ladies in the Bag of the Month Club Facebook Group. I promised to move it all here, so that it can referred in the future. This is a supplement to the pattern instructions, they are much more detailed. (This bag pattern is currently only […]

Photo Tutorial: Blanche

I had a fun one day sew-along in the Swoon Patterns Group on Facebook, making the small sized Blanche Barrel Bag. Compiled it all into this tutorial for easy future reference. If you are making the Medium or Large, refer to the pattern instructions for the correct measurements for that size. Step 1) Prepping First, […]

Evelyn Tutorial, Part 3

Welcome back! This Part 3 of the Evelyn Tutorial. Click here for Part 1 > Click here for Part 2 > Step 8: Lining Assembly Lay your Top Zipper Panels (sewn to the zipper) bottom side down against the right side of a Bottom Lining panel, centering a long edge of the Top Zippered Panels along the […]

Evelyn Tutorial, Part 2

This is a continuation of the Evelyn Photo Tutorial. Click here for Part 1 > Click here for Part 3 > Step 4: Connectors Pin a Connector with stabilizer to a Connector with interfacing, right sides together and matching all edges. Now you want to make a mark on the stabilizer where you will stop sewing. […]

Evelyn Tutorial, Part 1

This is the Part 1 of the Evelyn Photo Tutorial. Click here for Part 2 > Click here for Part 3 > I had to sew up an Evelyn Tote as a gift so I thought I’d take photos along the way for a tutorial and use Pellon’s brand new Flex Foam for the first […]

Sew-Along: Donna Handbag

I spent a fun day in the Swoon Facebook Group sewing a Donna Handbag and posting photos and tips along the way, sort of a last minute sew-along. I promised I’d move it here so it’d have a permanent home. I hope you find it helpful. PREPPING Gather all your materials. Here is everything I’m […]

Tutorial: Double Welt Pocket

This double welt pocket came about when I was drafting the Swoon Bonnie Bucket Bag pattern. I wanted to include something new, an alternative to the usual exposed zipper pocket. By a lot trial and error, I came up with this way to make one. It’s fast and easy, but don’t try to put this pocket […]

Tutorial: Drop-in Linings

I love drop-in linings. LOVE love. But I know that isn’t a shared sentiment by the majority. They do take practice to perfect but once you do, they’re easy and can look very professional. All of the Swoon patterns with a top zippered gusset instruct you to install the linings this way, as well as Dallas and Blanche. […]

Tutorial: Vertical Zippered Pocket

There are two Swoon patterns that have a vertical zippered pocket on the outside. I love them, they allow big closed pockets on bags with handles that are sewn all the way down the body. If the “bottom” of the pocket isn’t sewn to the bag though, the pocket will sag with anything inside it. […]