How to colorblock Coraline

IMG_4775I’ve had a lot of requests lately on the Swoon fan group board on how to Erin-fy aka color block the Coraline clutch. If you haven’t joined us on the board you really should! Lots of awesome and helpful ladies on the board. Come ask questions and get helpful information on where to find supplies to make all your amazing Swoon bags.

To start grab your pattern here if you don’t already have it.  You will need to print two copies of the exterior pattern piece and tape them together.IMG_4972

Next figure out how you would like to colorblock, whether straight or at an angle. Once you figure out where you want them to meet you need to add your seam allowance on both sides. I use 1/4in but you can choose what you’d like. For the large left piece fold your pattern at the far right line.


You will now need to cut two mirror images. The easiest way to do this is to just cut on the fold and snip right up the middle. Repeat on the small side but using the far left line. This is what you should end up with.


Place the two pieces for the one side, right sides together and stitch together the with the amount of seam allowance you chose.

IMG_4975Press seam open,

IMG_4976fuse your interfacing to the wrong sideIMG_4977This is what your two sides should look like now.
IMG_4978To finish off topstitch along your seam on both sides. Then continue as the pattern states and VOILA! A beautiful colorblocked Coraline. IMG_4796Don’t forget to share all your wonderful creations with us on Flickr[email protected]/

Happy sewing!