DIY Checkbook cover tutorial


Who really writes that many checks anymore? I still have to carry my checkbook for that whopping one time a month I have to write a check to preschool. Of course I don’t remember until we get there and oh crap! Well good thing I carry my checks in my super cute checkbook cover! HAHA!   First things first. Choose your super cute fabric. Then cut 1 exterior, 1 lining and 1 craftfuse of 7.5×7.75inches, cut 4 pocket pieces and 2 craftfuse of 3.75X7.75inches. Fuse your craftfuse to the wrong sides your exterior and 2 of the pocket pieces.


Begin by sewing 1 interfaced pocket piece to a non-interfaced pocket piece right sides together with a .25inch seam allowance along one long side.


Flip right sides out so the wrong sides are together and top stitch along the seam you just made.


Repeat with the remaining pocket pieces. Next place the pockets on top of the lining, matching raw edges and machine baste with a 1/8 inch seam around the 3 raw edges.


Now place on top of your exterior piece right sides together. Sew with a .25inch seam leaving about a 4inch hole for turning along one side.


Clip corners, turn right side out, press well and top stitch around all 4 sides closing your turn hole.


Now slide your checks and register in so you are prepared for your once a month check.


Of course I’ll always accept payment in the fabric variety. Hehe!


Happy sewing!