Bonnie Bucket Bag

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Bonnie is a slouchy hobo-style bag featuring a recessed zipper main closure and exterior double welt pocket. Display two different fabric prints on the exterior, or give her a store-bought look by using one fabric for the exterior with contrasting top stitching. The oval-shaped bottom allows room for nearly anything!

New downloads now include instructions for a drawstring hack (Nov 2020 onwards)! The drawstring hack file is also available in the Files section of the Swoon Patterns Facebook Group.





  • 14″ wide (at top)
  • 12″ tall
  • 6″ deep


  • 1/2 yard 44” wide quilting weight Main Exterior fabric
  • 1/2 yard 44” wide quilting weight Basic Exterior (or solid) fabric
  • 2/3 yards 44” wide quilting weight Lining fabric
  • 2.5 yards woven fusible interfacing (Pellon Shape-flex SF-101)
  • 1/4 yard heavy sew-in stabilizer (Pellon Peltex 70)
  • 15” (or longer) all-purpose zipper (main compartment)
  • 7” all-purpose zipper (welt pocket, zipper is optional)
  • Two 1.5” o-rings or 1” rectangle loops
  • Coordinating thread
You should already be somewhat familiar with sewing patterns and common sewing terms.

You MAY sell bags you make with this pattern.

52 reviews for Bonnie Bucket Bag

  1. PP

    This bag is gorgeous. I haven’t made it yet but saw it on Jess’ OklaRoots’ YouTube video and am about to follow her tutorial for it, hopefully mine will be as beautiful as hers, if it turns out gorgeous I will come back and post a photo.

  2. Jo (verified owner)

    Have made a few bonnies now, my favourite swoon
    Tried it at 90% which is a nice size, also tried It with eyelets and a drawstring.
    It gets easier the more you make, and my Top stitching is improving too!

    Bonnie Bucket Bag
  3. Toni Avery

    I love love love ho versatile this bag is! Be far one of my favourite style bags. Easy to follow instructions and such a well written pattern 🙂

  4. Karen (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite bags to sew and use! The pattern allows for a lot of creativity for sizing it up or down, fabric choices and handle options. I did struggle with the base to get it right – but then again, I struggle with any bag with this type of base 🙂
    It would be a good pattern for advanced beginners and on up. All of the Swoon patterns are incredibly well-written. The website has awesome additional instructions, too.

    Bonnie Bucket Bag
    Bonnie Bucket Bag
  5. Mari Dwyer

    The Barney is one of my favorite patterns! It is a very well written and easy to follow. It is a great way to show off Fabrics. I have done it with woven, fleece and foam interfacing and they’ve all worked wonderfully!

    Bonnie Bucket Bag
  6. Oriel Lee Huxman

    Love this bag!

  7. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Bonnie is a wonderful bag to make. Clear instructions and diagrams make it easy. A classic bag that looks wonderful when made in any kind of favric. I have made many and I know I will make many more.

  8. Amy (verified owner)

    This bag is so easy to create and to customize and make it your own. Pattern is very well written.

    Bonnie Bucket Bag
  9. miluse.nechvatalova (verified owner)

    Very very nice and beautiful pattern and bag 🙂

  10. Steph

    Love this bag! Does anyone know what yellow fabric/vinyl was used to make the original yellow on with horses?

  11. Steph

    Does anyone know what the yellow fabric used is?

  12. Liz (verified owner)

    Bonnie is pretty quick and easy to sew. It’s big and slouchy and can be done in a variety of materials. And it comes together in such a way that’s easy for a newbie and still produces an amazing looking bag. Can’t recommend thus one enough!

  13. marlys (verified owner)

    Bonnie Bucket Bag is my very first Swoon Pattern and I have made her twice, now.
    This pattern is easy to understand and it is a quick sew. I love my Bonnie and get comments often.
    I’ve always wanted to know how to make a welted zippered pocket and with Alicia’s instructions in this pattern it was a snap!
    This pattern is all pros and no cons in my book. I highly recommend Bonnie Bucket Bag pattern and even a beginner can make this with no problems. Thanks, Swoon, I love you!

  14. Di

    I adored making this bag. I have made a few swoons and this has been my favourite. Funny but I didn’t want to make it, my daughter begged me to make it for her so I relented. I am so glad I did it’s great to make. I don’t often make the same thing twice but I am going to make this for me too

  15. Jennifer

    I made one of these for my sister. It was pretty easy and came together really well. Instructions were clear. I would make another.

  16. julie

    This bag looks amazing I used Japanese Kimono silks. the pattern is great and easy to follow

  17. Ange

    This is such a great looking bag that I was intimidated by it for quite some time. It was such an easy sew with clear instructions (like all swoon patterns) and the result was stellar. The design of this bag makes you look like a sewing genius!

  18. Monique

    Made Bonnie for my sister and she flipped! She LOVES it and carries it everywhere. She often tells me stories of people stopping her and complimenting her bag! Love how Swoon patterns are such clear easy to follow instructions, yet make such professional looking bags!!

  19. Alison Heath (verified owner)

    So far I’ve bought 3 Swoon Bag Patterns, Rosie, Charlotte and Bonnie, I love them all but so far Bonnie is my out and out favourite. She is such a professional bag, you can make her either slouchy or more upright depending on the interfacing you use. The pattern is easy to follow and to my mind is very reasonably priced. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending any Swoon pattern to a beginner, intermediate or professional sewer, you won’t be disappointed.

  20. Elizabeth

    Bonnie is the 5th Swoon pattern I’ve made, and, like all the previous ones, the directions are clear. I find I am able to get out of my own way more easily as I gain more confidence and experience. Bonnie was a pleasure to make, and I have received multiple compliments on this bag as I go out and about. I reduced the pattern to 80% and have enjoyed less weight on my shoulder, but I will make another one at full-size so I can carry all that I love to!

  21. Heidi

    Love this bag! I am currently carrying this bag every day. I have had several people rave about it!
    Great pattern. Easy to follow instructions. Professional result. You can’t go wrong with this pattern!!

  22. Jennifer

    Great pattern, easy to follow for an intermediate or confident beginner. The welted pocket, recessed zipper, and hardware give a very professional look to this bag. Love mine!

  23. Heather in CA (verified owner)

    I made this as my second Swoon bag. Wonderful pattern. Turned out great. I am excited to make another one! I have been carrying mine regularly!

  24. Caroline

    Great Bag pattern. I am on my fifth now as all my girls wanted one after seeing mine. Easy to follow directions. Great size for toting around and I I made mine with a longer strap to wear crossbody and it is perfect! Lots of scope for using different fabrics throughout the bag, works equally well in vinyl , PVC, furnishing fabrics and/or quilting cottons

  25. lillyminxy2002 (verified owner)

    OMG what an awesome bag. I’ve made 3 so far and love them. The pattern is easy to follow and fun to sew. I’ll be making more of her soon.

  26. Rena Cherry an amazing girl. She is just the right size. She can be all cotton or.add some vynl and shes even more amazing. Easy to follow instructions

  27. Kelly

    OMG everyone who sees this bag loves this bag – it’s perfect for any age group. It’s easy to put together and goes together very quickly. I love that you can put together so many different fabrics – each pattern section could be a different fabric – its perfect for those left over fat quarters that you just don’t know what to do with them. you could also use quilt blocks in the different sections to have a more country chic patchwork look

  28. adra chim (verified owner)

    Love this patten. It is so classic and looks great with any fabric combinations.

  29. Connie T

    Wonderful Slouchy Handbag and However you want to put your Fabrics together she turns out GREAT Every Time!!

  30. Julie

    I LOVE this bag. Although it wasn’t an “easy” sew, it was an easy bag to make. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. The bag comes together fabulously and has become my everyday go-to bag. It is absolutely lovely.

  31. Tonya (verified owner)

    Love this bag! I was afraid it would be too big for me, but like Goldilocks…. it’s just right! The directions were very easy to follow and there are plenty of pictures. I’ve done welter pockets before, but not with a zipper. Followed the directions and it came together like a charm!

  32. Janine

    The Bonnie was my first bag make ever! Talk about impressed, I’d never installed a zipper before and didn’t even know what a welt pocket was…but, I mastered them both! 🙂 thank you to the awesome Alicia for her amazingly well written patterns! This is the start of a long, beautiful bag making future! 🙂

  33. michelletripper

    Bonnie is such an amazing looking bag when it’s all done. It’s not a terribly hard one to make either. Lots of options to be creative and customize it to your own tastes as well.

  34. Laura

    This is an awesome bag! Such a functional design and very easy to put together! Have made many!

  35. Linda

    I have been on a Bonnie Bag Roll. I just made my 4th one in a row….2 have already sold! This goes together perfectly & the welt pocket instructions are amazing. Everyone of mine has turned out perfect! It is a great size & can be slouchy or structured according to the fabric used. I haven’t been brave enough to use leather or vinyl yet but I will soon! I’ve seen some gorgeous combinations used!

  36. Kristine (verified owner)

    Bonnie is a fantastic pattern – very easy to follow, quick to make, and great for adding your own modifications. The little details like the welt pocket, contrasting bottom panel, and recessed zipper yield a professional look with very little effort.

  37. Katie (verified owner)

    I love the Bonnie bag. It was so easy to put together and it looks so nice. I had never done a welt pocket before but the directions were really clear and easy to follow. It holds a ton. I can’t wait to make another one!

  38. Tricia Hill (verified owner)

    This bag is simply stunning. The excellently written instructions allow you to use just about any type of fabric = from cotton to vinyl to leather. The designer offers guidelines, but the best part is that you can veer from the beaten path and embark on a whole new coupling of fabrics with no fear.

  39. Lynne (verified owner)

    Stunning bag which has become a fast favourite with my customers.. large bag that goes together like all Swoon patterns very easily.
    Bonnie is a great way to showcase some stunning fabric 🙂

  40. Jean (verified owner)

    This has to be one of my favorite bags of all time. Very easy to sew and yet so versatile – you can customize to make it your own. I have done it full size and at 85% with no problems. I have made it in canvas and even 100% leather – it looks great in anything.

  41. SewDaKine (verified owner)

    Love this pattern! Easy to follow and the bag is gorgeous!

  42. SewDaKine

    I LOVE this pattern! Perfect as it is but it’s also easy to make little changes to customize it.
    This makes a perfect size bag. Big enough to hold everything you need but doesn’t overpower women with a smaller frame.
    I highly recommend this if you are new to swoon patterns. Bonnie is a good pattern to start with 🙂

  43. Heidi Burton (verified owner)

    I’ve made 4 Bonnies now and absolutley love the pattern – its so simple to understand and follow, but the end result looks anything but simple! Its such a well designed bag and always comes out looking like a shop bought bag. In fact, I spotted a bag very similar in Marks and Spencers today, and it didn’t look as gorgeous as the bonnies I’ve seen shared on the Facebook group!

  44. Crystal Chadwick (verified owner)

    I love this bag. The result looks very professional and does not require that much time to complete. I’ve completed several Swoon Patterns and they’re all very well-written. I would definitely recommend to beginner and advanced sewists alike.

  45. Melissa

    This bag…amazing. big enough to carry my everyday stuff…And perfect as my theme park bag! Fantastic instructions that are clear and easy to follow with the end result being a super modern bag!

  46. Deana W. (verified owner)

    This bag is a great everyday bag. Clear directions make it easy to whip up and tI learned a new zipper installation too! I love my Bonnie!

  47. Dianne (verified owner)

    Love this bag! Pattern is nice and clear, and the bag turns out beautiful!

  48. Amanda

    Wow. This bag is bigger than I thought! Love it. Easy to follow instructions and not as thick layers as some of the others. Need a bag to put together quick? I recommend this bag!

  49. jeanine

    I am in loooove with this bag!!!!! The directions were easy to follow, even for me, who is a garment sewist first. And the end result is as pretty as the picture! I do think I will do an inside pocket next time though, no such thing as too many pocket options!

  50. Sharon Mallory

    this is a wonderful pattern. Love this bag so much!

  51. Karen (verified owner)

    Love, Love, Love…. all the pieces go together beautifully. The instructions are well written especially the instructions for the welt, zipper pocket (which was a first for me).

  52. gale (verified owner)

    I love this bag! It is a bit larger than some due to height but very comfortable to carry. Pattern is very easy to follow and will definitely provide you a quality looking bag when completed.

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