Coraline Clutch

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A bag to hold the bare essentials for a night out on the town! This pattern includes two clutch sizes; small (11” wide) and large (14” wide) as well as an option to make the small one into a wristlet skipping the handles. All three options include a recessed zipper and can be casual and cute or formal and chic. Coraline is relatively quick to sew, making it a wonderful handmade gift!

Currently only available as a downloadable pattern.




  • 11″ wide Small Clutch
  • 14″ wide Large Clutch


  • Exterior: 1/4 yard 44” quilting weight (1/3 yard for Large Clutch)
  • Lining: 1/4 yard 44“ quilting weight (1/2 yard for Large Clutch)
  • 1 yard fusible woven interfacing (Pellon Shape-Flex SF101)
  • 1/4 yard fusible stabilizer (Pellon Peltex 71F)
  • 10” all purpose zipper (12” zipper for Large Clutch)
  • 1” D-ring and 1” swivel clip (Wristlet only)
  • Coordinating thread
DIFFICULTY LEVEL: 2/4 for Wristlet, 3/4 for Clutch
You should already be somewhat familiar with sewing patterns and common sewing terms.

You MAY sell bags you make with this pattern.

63 reviews for Coraline Clutch

  1. Linda (verified owner)

    Coraline Clutch is stylish and the perfect size. Great pattern to follow.

  2. Gail (verified owner)

    Coraline was my first Swoon and I love her. I made the wristlet using orange linen for a friend to carry on her wedding day. All of the Swoon patterns are exceptionally well written and well illustrated. I have learned so much about bag making by using them! And now I am addicted. 🙂

    Coraline Clutch
    Coraline Clutch
  3. Christy (verified owner)

    Love love love this pattern ❤️ So easy to follow

  4. erick (verified owner)

    Great pattern! Came out awesome. Making more as gifts!

  5. Jaime (verified owner)

    This pattern is fabulous! I have made so many wristlets. The instructions are easy and clear to follow. Do NOT fear the zipper. She explains it so easy you will silly for even thinking zippers are hard.

  6. liz v. (verified owner)

    I love this wristlet! I used smaller hardware so I made my strap skinnier. The pattern is clear and easy to work through. Help is always found on the Facebook group page. Love the coraline!

  7. Coleen (verified owner)

    I love this pattern! It was very easy to make and a lot of fun. The instructions were clear and made construction easy. I also love the tutorials to help you along the way if you ever get stuck!

  8. MARIA HANDS (verified owner)

    As a bag sewing novice, other than very basic totes, Coraline was my first dip into ‘proper’ bags.

    She is soooo easy and relatively quick to sew, I learned some new skills, guided by the excellent pattern and instructions.

    Making the ‘small’ Coraline is a great way to use up your larger scraps too, she’s quite a thrifty gal to make with only a zip, a d-ring and a swivel clasp needed as hardware. Definitely a good bag to go for if you are a novice.

    *I wanted to give this 5 stars but can’t click on theb5th star for some reason.

  9. Elizabeth

    The Coraline wristlet was my first Swoon pattern. While I am an experienced seamstress, I was new to bag-making so I began with this small bag. I am so pleased with my results – it was easily accomplished in a couple of hours (including watching the zipper tutorial to ensure good results) and I have used this little bag multiple times. With all the possible variations, you can use this pattern for any situation! Another great Swoon pattern!

  10. Stacey

    I love Alicia’s designs. They are clean, modern, yet classically stylish. There are so many options to customize the bag to truly make it your own. These bags you can carry and enjoy for years, unlike many of the patterns I see out there today that are designed for the moment and will be out of style in a short time. Not Swoon bags…they are designs you can love for years to come!

    Regarding the Coraline in particular – this has been customer favorite! It’s easily adaptable to suit a variety of tastes. You can easily make it into everything from a wristlet to a cross-body bag!

  11. Shelly (verified owner)

    LOVE this pattern! Very versatile. I’ve made several seasonal wristlets for Halloween and Christmas. Made the larger one without the handles to use as a makeup bag. All adorable and quick to sew. The instructions are well written and a great place to learn how to insert a recessed zipper. The support that Alicia gives in the FB group is outstanding. One of the best sewing groups I belong to. Highly recommend the Coraline pattern!

  12. Monique (verified owner)

    I love the Coraline Clutch! Such a quick and easy sew, and the recessed zipper is fabulous !!!

  13. Lisa (verified owner)

    I enjoy this websites ease of use, great pattern choices for beginners to more advanced sewers. I also enjoy the awesome support group we have on Facebook and the fact that the designer is very helpful. So if you are new to this site and love to sew bags I would just buy the subscription you won’t be dissappointed 🙂

  14. Melissa

    A fantastic wristlet that can also be transformed into a small handbag! So far I have made 4 of these. They go together so quickly and make fantastic gifts! One I made with a long adjustable strap to be worn crossbody. Just like many of the Swoon patterns…the possibilities are endless!

  15. Kathy Booth (verified owner)

    This was my first Swoon pattern. I’m not a beginner sewist, but not at an intermediate level yet. I come from a quilting obsession and moving to bag-making obsession. I’ve made a couple simple purses from other patterns. I find this pattern challenging, especially the zipper. Took me a long time and many views of the video tutorial, and pinning it to be sure I had it assembled correctly, then finally began to install the zipper and finish the bag. I love how the bag turned out, but if this was easy, then I’m in for some serious frustrations. having said that, I’ve purchased 5 other Swoon bag patterns and am determined to conquer them! On a practical note, if the swoon bags are so easy, why is there a special group helping people get through them? LOL! I am sure the more I make, and the more I understand the pattern-makers instructions, the easier they will get. Just will take me some time. Maybe others won’t have the learning curve that I do. They are worth tackling because the end result is a truly professional, unique, boutique-quality bag! And I’m sure the things I learn from this bag will be very beneficial when I start another Swoon pattern! I KNOW that recessed zipper will be easier for me next time, no matter which bag I make!

  16. Alicia (verified owner)

    Love this pattern! It is quick and easy to sew up, and perfect for a night out!

  17. Kara (verified owner)

    I love this pattern and the bags it creates. It’s an easy sew that generates a very professional-looking product quickly. I purchased the pattern last week, and have since made one test bag for myself (that looks great) and three for gifts. I even found the zipper to be easy to install if you read the instructions and match what you’re doing to the pictures included. Thanks for a great introduction to bag-making!

  18. Jordan

    I love the Coraline pattern. After making ones it’s really a great quick sew. Again I wish there were actually photos of some of the steps so that I could get everything in one place but once you’ve done one it all makes sense. I’ve only made the wristlet and modified for a shoulder strap. This is a great beginner pattern even if the zippers can be tricky at first

  19. Carmen (verified owner)

    I’ve made more Coralines than any other swoon bag, and that should tell you just how much I love this clutch. The only difficult I had with this bag was how sew the zipper but after seeing a photo tutorial I was able to complete my first one and several others later.

  20. allison lacey

    I discovered swoon this summer, and fell in love instantly!!! I tried probably 6-8 patterns already, and considered myself a novice sewer when I started! The patterns are so easy to follow, so well written, there is so much online support with the Facebook group, and Alicia is always around to answer questions! I give 10 million stars to swoon, and I wish her all the success possible! This is a great way to gain comfort in sewing. And create bags that are better made than a lot of designer bags! Keep it up! A forever follower!

  21. Rena Cherry (verified owner)

    Love love Love this pattern have made 8 or more fast easy sew. And you can make so many options.

  22. Kathleen O’Flaherty (verified owner)

  23. Kathleen O’Flaherty (verified owner)

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    [email protected]

  24. Kathleen O’Flaherty

    How do I love thee?Let me count the ways…

    1.your shape makes heads turn

    2. Your size suits me not matter how big you get

    3. I can make you into anything I want
    A clutch
    A Crossbody
    A handbag for a child
    A leather back and soft front oh how I LOVE your soft front
    4. My customers ” long ” to touch you
    5.i can take you out for dinner to a hockey game
    …you always look good
    6.your handles are sexy

  25. Connie T

    From Big Coraline to Small Coraline she is just a GREAT Wristlet or Clutch or you can even add some Straps. SHE is just ONE Classic Staple in anyones Wardrobe!

  26. Stacey Maddox (verified owner)

    Lovely pattern! Such a quick, easy sew!
    Pros- uses very little fabric, sews up fast, cute & useful, great gift
    Cons- the instructions are clear and easy until the zipper part. The zipper is not difficult, but that step could be written better- it almost sounds like you should be flipping and top stitching. There is a video, which is great, its 30 mins long, but I was so glad it was available!
    Price- the price itself is good. I would love to see like a 3 or 5 pattern bundle deal rather than individual or full sub being the only options 🙂

  27. Annie McGee (verified owner)

    Fab pattern! This is my 2nd Swoon & I love it. Stitched up a Christmas Coraline for my niece, took me 2 hours whilst seeing to my preschooler! Looking forward to making another & giving them out as gifts next week.
    Excellent extra support with zipper tutorial video & the blog posts for altering the pattern too!

  28. Linda Fleck

    This is such a great pattern! I love it!! I’ve made four of these so far. They are easy, fast and look beautiful. The zipper is especially easy to put in. I was surprised; the zipper looks like it would be harder than it is. The first one I made was quick, and now they are just super fast!! Making a lot for Christmas gifts. The instructions are very well written and easy to follow. I appreciate too that not too much is in color for printing purposes. One thing that would be nice would be if the pages were numbered. I made the Dakota Clutch and noticed that the pages were numbered..nice.

  29. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this pattern. I am such a beginner and this is so nice to work through, the instructions and the images are great to follow!

  30. Susan (verified owner)

    Love making this one, I have made three. I went to the zipper tutorial before I started just to avoid any issues, it was very well done also. I will be making more of these for sure!

  31. Ami-May

    Love this pattern. Great night out bag. instructions are very clear and the diagrams.
    can’t go wrong with a swoon pattern for sure.

  32. Zoe (verified owner)

    What is not to love about this pattern? It’s relatively quick make with clear instructions (and even more tips and tutorials in the blog). Great pattern if you want to try recessed sippers for the first time. The finished product makes great gifts and with three variations (and more in the Swoon Facebook Group) the world is your oyster.

  33. Ariel (verified owner)

    Wonderful pattern! I’ve made the small wristlet version twice. It is super quick to work up and the directions are incredibly clear and easy to follow! This is the pattern that got me hooked on swoon!!

  34. Holly Tolman (verified owner)

    This is so addicting to cut out and sew together-I have lately found myself looking at every fabric as to how I would center in the side panel! My daughter wants to give a gazillion of these to her friends now too.

  35. Louwisa Jensen Chairez

    I love Coraline! It is a very cute bag with several options to make it customizable for your needs. The instructions are very detailed, making it an easy sew. I love all my Swoon patterns!

  36. Jocelyn

    This is a great pattern. It cuts out quickly, sees up quickly and doesn’t use a ton of fabric. I’ve made several of the small wristlets and a couple of large bags with an adapted crossbody strap. I’m thinking that one might be a Christmas present for my niece.

  37. evelyn (verified owner)

    Coraline was a very quick sew and came put amazing. And the Facebook group is a BUNCH of helpful ladies!

  38. Jackie

    This was my first Swoon pattern and it created my Swoon addiction! A basic pattern that can be tweaked to add personalization! Easy to follow instructions and the finished product is awesome!

  39. Stephanie white (verified owner)

    After dreaming of the perfect clutch size and shape for quite some time I finally ordered Coraline. I am so thrilled about the recessed zipper as it was definetly a learning experience which I greatly needed and appreciated! I have been making diaper bags for a few years now and it’s hard to come by a pattern that not only makes a great professional product but that pushes you further and teaches you a new skill! Next attempt will be Stella, a welcomed challenge!

  40. Joy

    This is a fun and wonderful clutch to make. Instructions are easy to follow. Got to get busy and make more for gifts,

  41. Amy (verified owner)

    I have made so many Coralines! I have added crossbody straps, enlarged the patten and shrunk it. It is just a great bag. Easy to make and it’s fun to fussy cut the fabric to make a statement.

  42. Devan (verified owner)

    This was the first clutch (and bag) I ever attempted to make and it turned out so nicely! The pattern is easy to follow and nothing is overlooked. This was one of my first zipper applications also and it was not treated like you should already know what to do to put the zipper on which I truly appreciated. I’m so impressed with myself for sewing it but even more with the quality of Swoon Patterns. Now onto Charlotte!

  43. Dawn

    This is a great pattern with easy to follow instructions and diagrams. I made 4 for teacher gifts and they loved them!! I’ll be making many more for sure.

  44. Renee (verified owner)

    I was told this was a good starter option.

    I was able to follow all directions and make a bag that my daughter was very happy with in my first try.

    Very pretty bag which I expect will get better with practice!

  45. mandytpatrick (verified owner)

    I purchased the pattern as an option for a end of school year gift for my daughter’s teacher & teaching assistants. I have such a difficult time giving a gift card or shower gels as I secretly believe that teachers must have a storage room full of them unused!

    I wanted to give something more personal, as a thank you for being an integral part of my daughters education. The Coraline offered many options so that I could customize each wristlet to each of them. In the end I’ve made 3 bags in the span of two nights. They turned out wonderful and are a perfect size for the necessities of every day.

    I appreciated the easy to follow instructions and was reminded once again how to complete a recessed zipper (something I do not do often)

    I am certain they will be well received! Thank you!

  46. Jenna (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVE this pattern!! It’s well written and easy to follow just like all of Swoon’s patterns!! It makes such a fantastic end product and there are so many ways to personalize Coraline beyond fabric choices that I don’t know if I’ll ever get bored!

  47. Lynda (verified owner)

    I was not sure about the size of this bag but after making it, using it and loving it, I am hooked! Its an easy bag to carry and nothing falls off your shoulder.
    Has reduced my “crap stuff” that I used to carry. Thanks Swoon!

  48. Mikaylah

    Love this pattern! The directions are easy and very clear to follow! It does work up quickly and the end result can make even a beginner proud. I learned a few new techniques from this pattern. Thank you Swoon!!

  49. Debora (verified owner)

    I made the wristlet in the large size. Love the shape of this bag, and it is a quick and easy sew. If you are new to sewing handbags, this is a great one to start with.

  50. Teresa (verified owner)

    Just sewed up my first Coraline clutch last night which quickly led to another one! Wonderful pattern. Works up quickly and you will soon be addicted. I have 5 more on my cutting table ready to sew.

  51. Deirdre (verified owner)

    I love this pattern, after some silly mistakes on my part, I am making this bags so quick now. I work with a designer who makes prom dresses and custom clothing and these bags go perfect. We tag team the customer with dress and matching bag. They love it and so do we. Thanks for the awesome pattern.

  52. Stephanie (verified owner)

    I love this pattern. I completed two large clutches with plans on making the wristlet in the near future…I just need the perfect fabric. It was a well written pattern with easy to follow directions. Thank you, Swoon!

  53. Kylie (verified owner)

    Amazing clutch, very easy to follow for a beginner to making bags, absolutely loved it, thank you

  54. Amy (verified owner)

    I love clutches, and wristlets in general. I was so excited when you came out with this is quick, easy, and fabulous. Also excellent help in her fb groups if you need it fast! Second swoon pattern I own, and won’t be the last

  55. Heather

    Amazing pattern and great instructions! I see lots of Swoon bags in my future!

  56. Jeanine

    LOVE this pattern so much! I’m not usually a purse making type of girl – but even I had an easy time with this one! and the wristlet – it goes together sooo quickly and it so cute – especially with some embroidery on the front – great gifts and in less than an hour using fabric scraps!

  57. Rachel (verified owner)

    Great clutch pattern! Easy to follow instructions! Love this pattern!

  58. Amy Van Sistine (verified owner)

    I LOVED making the Coraline. I have done a wristlet as well as the large size with handles. The pattern is well written and comes together nicely. It’s a quick sew too! Highly recommended

  59. Linda Rose (verified owner)

    I just wanted to state how simple this pattern is to put together. I made the wristlet version and I love how quickly and easily it sews up! I prefer the small size, but the large size holds an iPad mini with lots of room to spare. Would be cute with a pocket on the inside too!

  60. Megan (verified owner)

    Love love love this pattern!! How cute is this clutch!. I found the pattern to be simple there with very clear directions and uses little fabric it’s awesome!! I m going to buy one for my friend right now …and maybe try some others too!!

  61. [email protected] (verified owner)

    I love a pattern that has great instructions, and teaches me something new in an easy to understand way. This pattern does both, it has clear step by step instructions and teaches you how to do a recessed zipper. Something that I didn’t know how to do. I do now, and have a beautiful wristlet too! It’s also a fairly quick sew, which is perfect if you don’t have a lot of time, but need to make something special for someone. I can’t wait to make more. 🙂

  62. [email protected]

    Coraline Clutches.. What’s not to love? 3 easy options, AND stylish. I’ve made 1 but have 8 cut out in my sewing room. So easy and so fast to sew. The recessed zipper is extremely easy as well. I couldn’t believe it. Love Swoon.

  63. Justina McBride

    I love the Coraline Clutch! I have made three already (Two smalls and one large/two clutch versions and one wristlet). When you buy Coraline it is like buying four patterns in one! She is so versatile and really a relaxing, enjoyable sew. She takes a small amount of fabric and hardware, which is always a plus. Directions are so clear and easy to follow (a Swoon pattern trait)! I love every Swoon pattern I have ever purchased/used, but Coraline is definitely one of my top 2-3 favs! 🙂

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