Gatherer Egg Apron

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This easy-to-sew apron includes three adult sizes with 10 egg pockets and a child-sized version with 8 egg pockets.



Adult Small: 20″ wide, 71″ tie strap
Adult Medium: 22″ wide, 75″ tie strap
Adult Large: 24″ wide, 79″ tie strap
Child: 16″ wide, 59″ tie strap


  • 1/2 yard quilting weight or home decor exterior fabric
  • 1 1/4 yards quilting weight basic contrasting fabric
  • 2 1/2 yards ultra lightweight fusible interfacing
  • Erasable marking pen
  • Coordinating thread


  • 1/2 yard quilting weight or home decor exterior fabric
  • 2/3 yards quilting weight basic contrasting fabric
  • 1 1/2 yards ultra lightweight fusible interfacing
  • Erasable marking pen
  • Coordinating thread
You should already be somewhat familiar with sewing patterns and common sewing terms.

You MAY sell items you make with this pattern.

17 reviews for Gatherer Egg Apron

  1. Kristina Eich (verified owner)

    This pattern came together so fast! And the instructions were very well written.

    Gatherer Egg Apron
  2. Lizzie Bradbeer-Belle

    Carol, if you haven’t already messaged us, please email [email protected] and we can help troubleshoot your printing 🙂

  3. Carol Fellows (verified owner)

    Can’t figure out how to print the pieces so they are full size. I printed at 100% but it’s not working out. Are there secrets to printing?

  4. Jamie (verified owner)

    I only started sewing 6 months ago and this pattern/instructions were super clear and easy to follow. I loved making it! The design is simple which made it the perfect gift for my chicken obsessed father-in-law

    Gatherer Egg Apron
  5. Ally Burleson (verified owner)

    Thank you for this easy to follow pattern! My apron turned out so cute and my friend is going to love it!!

  6. 24cboer (verified owner)

    Easy to follow, but I made a bunch as gifts and I wish there was a suggested waist measurement to see what size you are. Otherwise it was awesome!!

  7. buttonwoodfarmcobs (verified owner)

    FUN! FUN!
    Well written instructions. Went together quickly after I cut everything out. I have made 2 of these so far. One for me and one for a friend. The 2nd one I only used interfacing on one side of the waist ties. 2 were too stiff. I did lengthen the waist ties as I am a RTW size 12 and the ties weren’t long enough to tie in the front which is easier for me. I made the adult large.

    Gatherer Egg Apron
  8. Donelle (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my apron I made from this pattern. The pattern is straightforward and very easy to understand. Thank you for providing such a great pattern for free.

    Gatherer Egg Apron
  9. Jenny S. (verified owner)

    I don’t even have chickens, but the minute I saw this pattern in my inbox, I dropped everything and whipped one up! So, so cleverly constructed. Now to get some chickens…

  10. gwmhbrunson (verified owner)

    In the beginning it was a bit confusing…
    But once all the parts came together…
    It was easy.. especially if your a seamstress…
    Thank you for the pattern…

  11. Lisa (verified owner)

    Just started my apron…even though it’s rated 1/4 for easy, right out of the gate I’m a bit frustrated that there is no cutting layout suggested. Yes, I’ll eventually figure out the best layout, but I assumed this was a “gateway” pattern, to introduce new customers to these patterns. Yardage is given, I’m surprised that the directions don’t include the most efficient use of the amount of fabric listed in the pattern. Hopefully, I’ll do better with the assembly instructions. I certainly appreciate the free pattern, maybe I’m expecting too much.

  12. Kim M

    First apron I’ve sewn and it came together easily. Like all swoon patterns I’ve tried, the instructions and photos are straightforward and simple to follow.

  13. Annette Taylor (verified owner)

    A real cute apron. Perfect for my sister-in-law who has 12 hens and are provided with about nine eggs each day. She loves it. No more carrying a basket, for her. Simple patter Thank youn, easy to assemble.

  14. Adrianne Moore (verified owner)

    This pattern sewed up like a dream. Directions are detailed and easy to follow. Turned out perfect! Thank you for an awesome pattern!

  15. vickispringer95 (verified owner)

    Haven’t made it yet. Will review once I make it. Pease stop sending me review emails. I received about 10 in my email already.

  16. Joyce Titus (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to make this apron for my daughter-in-law. She will love it!

  17. Leslie Waters (verified owner)

    Love it! Best egg apron design out there!

    Gatherer Egg Apron
  18. Kimberly K

    This is totally adorable, and practical to boot! I can’t wait to make one for the kids. Thanks for sharing your wonderful designs with us!

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