Tutorial: Blanche Handle Connectors

Here are some photos and tips to help you sew the diamond handle connector pieces used on the Blanche Barrel Bag.

Here are your connector pieces, one with stabilizer, one with interfacing, wrong sides up.


With the two connector pieces right sides together, start at the top and with a small stitch length…


…sew down and right next to the stabilizer, around each point of the diamond. Stop right after the last left diamond point and backstitch.


Trim the seam allowance everywhere you stitched and cut a small slit about 1/4″ in on the open edge right where the diamond shape meets the top rectangular part (about 1/4″ down from the top edge of the stabilizer).


Turn the connector right sides out, using something pointy¬†to push each diamond point out. I’m a rebel and always use scissors – though have often regretted it.


Fold the seam allowance below your snip (around the diamond shape) into the opening and press well with steam.


Fold the seam allowance of the top rectangular area into the opening and press again.


Now you’re ready to edge stitch up the sides of the top part, slip on your rectangular loop, and finish your bag.