Tutorial: Pleated Coraline Wristlet

Thank you to Monique Debrofsky for this great tutorial!
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 Tutorial: Pleated Coraline Wristlet

1) Take your exterior main pattern piece and mark where you want your pleats on the top edge. In my example, I wanted 4 pleats total that were 2″ apart. Measuring from the fold I put a mark at 1″ (because it will be 2″ once fabric is unfolded), and a second mark 2″ from my first mark.

2) Then, cut straight down until you reach the edge of the paper, but do NOT cut paper right through.

3) Tape your pattern piece onto a new piece of paper, spreading the pattern at your cut marks. In my example, I wanted my pleats to be a total of 1″ each, so I spread the pattern 1″ apart and then taped it down.

4) Cut pattern out, then use it to cut your main fabric exterior pieces.

5) Unpin pattern from fabric, then carefully mark fabric at each pleat mark along top (I’m totally guilty… I used pen for this step… oops 😉 )

6) Pinch fabric, matching the sides of the pleat lines you marked, and pin to the side you want the pleat to lay. Repeat for each pleat.

7) Here’s what each side of your fabric should look like now:

8) Carefully iron your new pleats, making them as even as possible. Try to make the pleats end before the bottom edge of the fabric – it should lay flat.

9) Baste top edge, and sew as normal!



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