Frequently Asked Questions

February 2022 - site update:

This update was last edited on 22nd February 2022.


There were some difficulties with the recent website move. If you have any trouble accessing your account, or your downloads then please contact us at

  • + Every order, every account*, and every pattern page has been moved over to the new home of the site, which is what you are viewing right now.
  • + You can purchase sewing patterns here and download them to your device as usual.
  • - Some downloads have been disconnected from their matching order (please see below for support).
  • - Some customers may find their passwords need to be reset (please see below for support).
  • - The affiliates scheme is still being rebuilt. We will email all affiliates when we have an update.
  • - The tutorials pages are still being rebuilt. If you need access to a tutorial urgently, please email with the details
  • - Our intended accessibility upgrades have been delayed. If you need help with this, please email 

We apologise for the inconveniences caused by this move, and appreciate your patience while we continue to work on the new website.


Disconnected downloads:

If you go to download your sewing pattern and find that it isn't there, please:

  1. go to the 'My Orders' tab in your account,
  2. make a note of the order number for the missing download and the title of the pattern,
  3. put the details into this Disconnected Patterns Form

Our team will then manually reconnect your downloads to your account.

*Password not working / password reset not working:

NOTE: We will NEVER ask for your password.

Have you tried to log in to the new website and found your password isn't working?

Your password on this site needs to be a minimum of 8 characters, no leading or trailing spaces, with characters from at least three of these groups: lower case, upper case, numbers, and special characters. If your previous password did not already meet these requirements, it will need to be reset. To do this, either:

The link may go to your junk folder or spam folder, and it is time-sensitive. If you miss the email and the link has expired, you may be able to request your own password reset link using the 'Forgot your Password?' button at log in. If not, or if the link does not come through at all, please email us at 

REMINDER: We will NEVER ask for your password! If you receive an email from us asking for your password, please do not click on anything in that email or reply to that email. Please report that email as a phishing scam to your email provider. You can also tell us about it by sending us an email. You can use any of the links on this page, but if you are ever unsure, click 'New Email' or 'Compose' in your email provider, and type into the address field.


*Previously known issue, account cannot be found:

Back in 2019 an over-zealous developer closed the accounts of anyone who had not logged in in over 12 months. If you have not logged in to the website since 2018 then it is very likely that your account was one of these.

Please do not worry. This is a previously known issue, and we have a fix for this, too. Please email us at and we will help reopen your account, and then connect your recreated account to your previous purchases.


We greatly appreciate that our wonderful community of Swoon bagineers is a beautifully diverse group. There are bagineers in almost every part of the world, and within every demographic. One of our core goals is to support and promote inclusivity and diversity in the bagmaking community, and we are well aware that this website does not currently meet those aims. This is a priority for us, and we will get back on track with the delayed accessibility improvements as quickly as we can.

The delayed accessibility improvements include, but are not limited to:

  • bringing the website in line with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines,
  • ensuring every piece of text is easy to read,
  • adding alternative text, and image descriptions or captions to all graphics,
  • improving the visibility and ease of use of both internal links and external links.

If you have any difficulties accessing the site in the meantime, if you need any assistance with making your purchase, downloading your sewing pattern, or using your sewing pattern, please email and we will do everything that we can to help you.

Similarly, if you have feedback on what we are doing poorly or well in terms of accessibility, or suggestions on things that you would like us to incorporate into these upgrades, please let us know.


Frequently Asked Questions about Swoon Sewing Patterns

Are seam allowances included in the pattern pieces?

Yes, always!


What printer settings should I be using?

All Swoon patterns are designed to be printed on A4 / US Letter sized paper. Always print at 100%, actual size, no scaling. Never scale to fit page. Always make sure the square included in the pattern is the correct size before cutting your fabric. If some of your lines are getting cut off, make sure "auto-rotate and center" is checked.

We recommend that you download your PDF sewing pattern to your device rather than printing from browser, use Adobe's free PDF Reader program to open and print your PDF sewing patterns, always check that your PDF Reader program is up to date before you print, and (if possible) print from a laptop or PC rather than a mobile device.

If you continue to have difficulties with printing your PDF sewing pattern, please send us an email with a screenshot of your printer settings and a note about what type of device you are using. This information will help us to give you targeted troubleshooting advice. We will only use this information to assist you with your query.


I placed an order. Where is my pattern file?

Your order email contains clickable links to your pattern files. You can also click on "My Downloads" at the top of this page, then click on the downward-facing blue arrow to download your sewing pattern.

Your device may open the PDF in your browser instead of downloading to your device. If this happens, click on the downward-facing arrow at the top of your PDF to download the pattern to your device.

We advise that you always download your PDF sewing pattern to your device, rather than printing from your browser.


How to download your PDF sewing pattern from Swoon Patterns


I followed the download instructions, but my sewing pattern isn't there. What should I do?

Please send us an email with your order number and the title of the missing sewing pattern. We'll get you reconnected with your sewing pattern as quickly as we can.


I have questions about the pattern instructions.

Click here to come join the Swoon Facebook group! Many lovely and knowledgeable bagineers are available to help with anything you have questions about. Or you can send us an email and we will reply as soon as we can.


Do you have sewalongs?

Sometimes! They take place over in the Swoon Facebook group

Many of our lovely bagineer friends also host sewalongs, or sew live on YouTube, Twitch, and other video platforms. We will share details of these in advance when we know about them, so please follow our social media pages.


Are there any coupon codes?

Sometimes! We share news of coupons and sales on our social media pages, and in the Swoon Fans Facebook group. We also sometimes share special one-off codes with friends of Swoon Sewing Patterns. We advise following the #SwoonPatterns hashtag on social media as our friends will usually use that tag when they share their codes.

If you've been lucky enough to find a coupon code, add it to the 'Enter discount code' box at checkout, and click the 'Apply Discount' button.

Use a discount code at



I have a gift card! How do I use it?

Congratulations! First, choose your sewing pattern or patterns from our Shop.

Add your selection to your Cart and Proceed to Checkout. You will need to either log in or create an account, if you are not already logged in.

Please click 'Proceed to Checkout' until you are at the page titled 'Checkout' that includes payment options. You can only use your gift card at the 'Checkout' page.

Please copy and paste your gift card code into the box titled 'Gift Cards' (see image).


How to Use a Swoon Patterns gift card

You can check the balance of your gift card by clicking 'Check Gift Card Status'. To use your gift card, click 'Activate'. If you change your mind about using the gift card, please click 'Remove' before completing checkout.

Common gift card error messages and troubleshooting solutions:

"The coupon code isn't valid. Verify the code and try again" - You have added your gift card information to the discount code box. Please copy and paste the code into the box titled 'Gift Cards'

"Gift card "[code]" is not valid" - One or more of the characters in your gift card code is incorrect. Please copy and paste the code into the box titled 'Gift Cards' and then try again. If you cannot copy and paste the code, and must manually type it out, please be careful of O and 0, and of I 1 l, as these are easy to mix up.

"Gift card [code] is not enabled" - Something isn't right with your gift card here. Either it was not properly activated during purchase / set up, or it has already been used. Please email us at so we can check this for you.


Do Swoon patterns include photos?

No, Swoon patterns include computer-drawn diagrams. We think they're easier to understand, and they save your printer ink as well! But, for our sewalongs, there are many many photos, and even some videos!


What if a pattern is revised after I buy it?

You can always log back into your account here at and download the most recent version. Your downloads are stored indefinitely in the "My Downloads" section.


I'm in another country and I can't find the recommended interfacing.

Please send us an email and we can try to recommend a good replacement for you. You may also find this YouTube video helpful: Interfacing and Stabilisers for Bagmaking - Sewing Patterns by Mrs H


Do you have paper patterns?

We currently do not stock paper patterns. When Alicia took a step back from Swoon Patterns in 2020, the remainder of the paper patterns stock went to Checker Distributors.


Where do I buy the necessary hardware?

It depends on where you are! We recommend joining a bagmaking group for your country or region for the most relevant local recommendations. You can also send us a message and we'll let you know if any of our friends and favourites are in your area.

Alicia recommends: and K & C Supplies on Etsy.

Samantha recommends: Emmaline Bags


What the heck do these zipper numbers mean?

Zippers are measured in length and width of the teeth. The # is the width of the teeth in millimeters.

For zippered pockets, or small bags like Coraline, we recommend a #3 (3mm) or all-purpose nylon coil zipper.

For bigger bags like Dorothy and Betty, we recommend using a #4.5, #5 or even a #7 if you want heavy duty.

You can always shorten a nylon coil zipper just by stitching over the teeth, so when in doubt, go long.


Can I sell what I sew using Swoon patterns?

You may sell individual finished items handmade by you using patterns from the Swoon Patterns range. Use for mass production or contracting a third party to produce the items is prohibited.

If you decide to sell items that you have made using Swoon Patterns designs, we would be grateful if you could please include a credit back to 'Swoon Patterns' on your listing but this is not required.

If you would like us to share your sew with our followers, please either tag us in your post on Facebook/Instagram (@swoonpatterns) or send us an email with details of your make.


Why does text in my pattern file look strange, with boxes and odd characters?

Your Adobe Reader may need updating. Open Adobe Reader, click 'Help', then click 'Check for updates'.

If that didn't fix the issue, then it is possible that your device and your version of Adobe Reader are using different versions of the same font.

Yes, we agree this doesn't make any sort of sense, but as we've come across this issue once before we think it is helpful to mention it here in case it happens to you, too. As far as we can tell, it should be possible to fix the issue by making sure that both your device and your Adobe Reader are up to date. If this doesn't work, you may be able to 'Print as image' when printing, but we do not recommend this.


Can I teach classes using Swoon Patterns?

You are welcome to teach classes using patterns from the Swoon Patterns range. Please remember that your students will each need a copy of the sewing pattern. They can buy their patterns individually through the website (please be sure to sign up for the Affiliates scheme, so you can earn commission on the patterns bought by your students). Or, if you prefer to supply the pattern as part of your class, please get in touch with us to discuss wholesale options.

If you would like us to share the details of your upcoming class or workshop, please send us a message on Instagram or Facebook (@SwoonPatterns), or send us an email


Where can I buy retired patterns like Cate, Dottie, and Clyde?

Some Swoon Patterns designs were retired some time ago by designer, Alicia. Some of the retired patterns are quite challenging. Some used outdated techniques. Some needed pattern updates, or rewrites. And some just weren't popular with the Swoon Fans community generally. We are reviewing the retired patterns collection and we will bring back any patterns that we can - with Alicia's consent, and following any needed updates. Most recently, we were able to bring the Levi Utility Bag back out of retirement for you all. So, please do keep an eye on our social media platforms for announcements, or send us a message through the Contact Form at the bottom of this page if you'd like to know more about a particular design.


I have a question that you've not answered

Please send us an email and we'll do our best to help you!