The “new” Swoon Studio

It’s nearly the end of March and I’ve spent the past 3 weeks moving, painting, sanding, moving, hurting, and moving some more. We’ve gotten an incredible amount done in a month. And the last to tackle was my sewing studio. I previously leased a space away from the home, but now with a bigger home, I have the whole basement for sewing. We had to do the floors, walls, ceiling, lighting, then move everything in. And we finished yesterday! We still have some thread to hang up, and some socket covers, oh and a light above my sewing machine… but we’re 99% done.

Thanks to my love for all the help getting it ready, and his parents too! His step dad laid the tile mostly all by himself.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about where to get specific things in my room, so I figured I’d write up a blog post with exactly what everything is and where you can get it. It’s not the prettiest room ever, but it sure is functional and put together on a budget.

First, the flooring is ceramic tile from Lowes, and the paint is Olympic, color: Babbling Brook. Due to being in a basement, I have an air purifier, a few DampRids and will move down the dehumidifier to the space. It doesn’t feel damp, but better to be safe than sorry.

This is my cutting table. It’s 39.5″ tall, 36″ wide, and 80″ long.

It’s made from (2) IKEA Kallax Shelving units ($34.99 each), (2) 4-pack sets of IKEA Capita legs ($14.00 each) – one set for each Kallax unit, and one 36″ unfinished uncut hollow door from Lowes (about $30).

The legs attached to the bottom of the Kallax units, and the door was painted then attached to the top of the Kallax units. The legs are about 6″ tall, so if you are shorter, you can probably skip them altogether (I’m 5′ 8″).

This is my computer work corner. I have a 27″ iMac, Samsung 2165W wireless laser printer ($87.99), and an IKEA Snille swivel chair ($19.99).

The corner table is IKEA Linnmon ($66.50) with (5) IKEA Adils legs ($3.50 each). I have a rectangular Linnmon table ($19.99) to the right of the corner table.

To the left is my dress form, Penelope. The chest of drawers is IKEA Brimnes ($99.99).

The blue thread rack above was custom made for me by MoreMetal Welding. Each shelf is tilted slightly so the thread is always in front. Love it!

Hung above my computer is my favorite part, my fabulous copper patina Swoon sign made by MoreMetal Welding

I have an IKEA Kallax unit ($139.00) dividing the room with most of my quilting-weight fabric. I wrap the fabric around comic book boards ($10.51).

I got this booklet display shelf on Etsy, it came unfinished and I painted it.

These are IKEA Burken Jars ($3.99 each), perfect to store all of my small things!

This is my favorite bag of all, and I didn’t even make it. It was made by Diedelbug Handmade – one of my most prized possessions! It’s sitting on a bookcase custom made by MoreMetal Welding. (It’s like a MoreMetal museum in here!)

I have an HP DesignJet large format printer for my 22″ wide pattern sheets. It’s wireless so I can put it anywhere. It’s on top of an IKEA Micke desk ($69.99). The small drawer storage compartment is also from IKEA, it’s the Helmer Drawer Unit ($39.99). I have two of them, they have wheels so they can easily scoot around the room.

I use these IKEA Algot wire mesh drawers to hold “in progress” projects. I can throw zippers, hardware, interfacing, etc. all in the same basket so nothing gets lost.

These are just cheap 12″ x 12″ canvases wrapped with fabric and stapled on the back of the wood frame. An easy, fast and inexpensive way to decorate.

My beloved Juki 8700 fits well here. I have another light to hang from the ceiling right above it to brighten this spot up a bit.

For my bolts, interfacing and heavier home decor, I use (3) IKEA Billy bookcases ($59.99). The shelves are adjustable and with the right peg placement, they perfectly fit bolts of fabric.

My second favorite part is my zipper wall. This set up is so perfect for storing zippers, it’s out of the way yet you can see exactly what you have. All it takes is one IKEA Dignitet curtain wire ($12.99), and a few boxes of IKEA Riktig curtain hooks with clips ($2.99 for 24).

I clip a few zippers into each clip by snapping right onto the zipper tape at the end of the zippers.


I got an extra Dignitet support ($4.99) because those long zippers can be heavy and I have way too many. You’d probably be okay with just the one provided in the kit. You can use the extra support to go around a corner of the wall too.


This is the hardware at each end of the wire.

And the middle supports look like this. They help keep the wire from sagging. I might get another one just to hang cut paper pattern pieces.

The button rug was an impulse buy at IKEA, the Tastrup Rug ($49.99), and I’m so glad I got it. Adds a little bit of color to an almost pure white space. It’s looking like it could use a good cleaning right about now, though.

The ottoman set ($121.99) I got from Amazon. Everything needs a purpose and the purpose of this is to hold/hide random things. The Swoon tees are currently in the big one. 🙂

This built-in wall space had shelving that I removed. I think I’m going to turn it into a light box for photos, it seems perfect for that! It’s currently housing my bag hardware. The hardware is in a drawer storage system ($28.99) and it works great!

That’s about it, I hope you enjoyed seeing my space!